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                                 SHABAZZ TAEKWONDO GUIDELINES & Rules

  1. Before starting this class consult your physician first.

  2. Tell the instructor about any and all existing or previous medical problems concerning you. 

  3. Address the instructor as Sensei, Sir or Mr. Shabazz.  Call all black belts sir or Mister or Miss (with surname).

  4. Class will start and end on time. Late students will not be allowed to participate in any class that is already in progress.

  5. Wear a solid black karate gi same style as the instructor wears.  Only have our school patch on uniform no other .  Which should be worn on the upper left hand side.  Proper uniform must be worn by all students at school and at competition.  For first class only, any loose clothing is permitted.  No uniform means no class or workout in school.  Also bring your own protective gear to every class.



                                                     BELT RANKING SYSTEM      


BELT RANK                                                               FORM 

1)  White                                                                    Ki-Cho One

2)  Yellow                                                                  Taegeuk One

3)  Orange                                                                 Taegeuk Two

4)  Green                                                                   Taegeuk Three

5)  Blue                                                                      Taegeuk Four

6)  Purple                                                                   Taegeuk Five

7)  Brown                                                                   Taegeuk Six

8)  Red                                                                       Taegeuk Seven

9)  Black/Red                                                             Must know Taegeuk forms 1 to 8 and 

                                                                                  the black belt form Koryo.

10)  First Degree Black Belt                                     Keumgang and Taebaek

NOTE:  The form on the right must be known and master for the belt rank on the left to be promoted to the next highest belt rank.

EXAMPLE:  The white belt must know and master Ki-Cho One form in order to be promoted to yellow belt rank.

                                     OTHER REQUIREMENTS FOR PROMOTION       

1)  At all times follow full instructions and school rules. Always be respectful to everyone

2)  Perform the form 3 times with no mistakes.

3)  Execute all warm-up exercises, basic blocks, kicks and punches with proper                     technique and no mistakes.

4)  Two control sparing matches with two students with your current belt rank or higher.

5)  Using proper technique execute board breaking.

6)  The black belt test will also require a printed exam covering Taekwondo history and         general knowledge.  You must be age 16 or older to be promoted to black belt. 

7)  There is a minimum 90 day mandatory wait between each promotion from white to           brown belt.  And a 180 day mandatory wait before a brown belt can be promoted to           red belt.  Another 180 day mandatory wait before a red belt can be promoted to                 black/red belt.  And a mandatory one year wait before a black/red belt can take their         black belt test. Two year minimum wait between first degree and second degree               black belt promotion test.


                                           PROMOTION TEST SCHEDULE

Promotion tests are held during the months listed below:

1)  March

2)  June

3)  September

4)  December


LOWER BELT RANK                 MIDDLE BELT RANK                      HIGH BELT RANK

1)  White                                   1)  Green                                        1)  Brown

2)  Yellow                                 2)  Blue                                           2)  Red

3)  Orange                                3)  Purple                                        3)  Red-Black

                                                                                                         4)  First Dan Black        




PUNCHES & STRIKES                             KICKS 

1)  Jab                                                     1)  Front Kick

2)  Right Cross                                        2)  Side Kick

3)  Hook                                                  3)   Roundhouse Kick

4)  Upper Cut                                          4)   Crescent Kick

5)  Overhand Right                                 5)   Hook Kick

6)  Back Fist                                           6)   Axe Kick

7)  Hammer Fist                                      7)  Reverse Kicks

8)  Reverse Punches                               8)  Exchange Jump Kicks

9)  Ridge Hand




We teach Taegeuk Poomse (forms) 1 thru 8 for white to red/black belt. Also black belt forms Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyorgwon and more.   


************************************************************************************                                                                      WEAPONS

We safely and correctly teach the use of the following Martial Art weapons for tournament competition where applicable:    1) Nun-Chuks (Foam),   2) Short Stick, 

3) Sword (Wooden)

4)  Kubotan.


                                       STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD

Our student of the year award is given to the student with the most points for that specific year.  Every current student is given 1 point for each complete class attended. Two points for each successful promotion test taken.  Also 3 points for every tournament competed in with us as a school and team. The winning student will receive a medal.


                                      STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS

1)  2018 Kim Marsh

2)  2017 Kim Marsh

3)  2016 Dustin Liggett

4)  1991 Ata Shakir

5)  1990 Jermaine Blue

6)  1989 Gregory L. Campbell Jr. (male) & Katrina Gayton (female)  

7)  1988 Gregory L. Campbell Jr. (male) & Lolita Kirk (female)

                               BEST ATTENDANCE OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS

1)  2018 Kim Marsh

2)  2017 Kim Marsh

3)  2016 Dustin Liggett

4)  1990 Jermaine Blue

5)  1989 Gregory L. Campbell Jr.

6)  1988 Gregory L. Campbell Jr.





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